How to disable or set autocomplete features on Atom?

How to disable Atom text editor to autocomplete a function structure when I type “void” and press TAB after that ? Or how to edit that structure that appears, because that great feature mess me out

If you have questions about a specific autocompletion or snippet, it’s important to include the language you’re working with, which language-specific packages you have installed, and a screenshot of what you see after you press tab.


This is the autocomplete that I was referred in my question. When I press Tab, after void, it inserts me a function prototype. I want to insert a Tab caracter, not a prototype and I don’t like the indentation of that prototype. When coding in C/C++ it tangles me.

How can I set it, or how can I stop it ?

Thank you.

That is this snippet, and you can override it in your snippets.cson (File -> Snippets) with the following code:

'.source.c, .source.cpp, .source.objc, .source.objcpp':
    'prefix': 'void'
    'body': 'void\t'