How good is the Dagon?

I’m going to train into a FAX, but I’m wondering how people like the Dagon. Nos on a capital ship sounds pretty sweet, but is it useful in PvP? Do people prefer other FAXs over the Dagon?

Start with a empire Fax then go from there. Dagon is a lot of money to throw away with learning.

Thank you. I am going to start with Empire FAX, but I will be working into the Dagon or Loggerhead. I need to decide whether to focus on A/M or C/G. Hence the question.

The Loggerhead is very weird. It was the first FAX I really wanted to Train to and it just did not work.
A/M also gives you access to more interesting Carriers but that is purely personal preference.

Cool! Thanks!

The archon is probably the worst carrier at this point…
As for a first fax it depends on where you are and the fleets you run with. Minm and gal are for smaller fleets and are great in wh where you don’t have supers to deal with. Amarr and caldari are much stronger in larger fleets with multiple fax to tag out with

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