How does Stack Overflow make money?

Stack Overflow is the worlds largest community of software developers.

Software developers are in crazy high demand - and most already have jobs. Companies really struggle to fill their developer roles.

Companies pay Stack Overflow to list their jobs on the jobs section of the website, and to advertise their specific roles on different parts of the website.

Stack Overflow makes sure companies show the relevant content that developers want to see (such as tech stack, salary, etc).

Win win win- Stack Overflow gains revenue, companies find software developers, software developers find jobs. :)

All are curious to know that how such kind of business model work and make the money online and stackoverflow has written or shared how they are making the money and here is the link

Points covered by the Nick Craver are Why stackoverflow Make Money and How stackoverflow Make Money.

That is answered on the SO site itself by Jeff Atwood:

Presumably they will follow the same model as reddit. Gather enough readership, and start pushing more ads, go IPO. Gather enough people to visit your site and people will pay you to have them as an audience.

1) Stackoverflow has theire own advertizement program.

Non logged visiters and users with less then 200 reputation can see those adds.

2) Stackoverflow runs this Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 they earn from that also.

Stack Overflow and all its sites are great, but how do they make money? There is just one ad on a page in the best case on Stack Overflow, and none on Quora or Advice and Insights for Entrepreneurs | OnStartups. Am I missing something, or do these sites hardly make any money at all?

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