How do you create a website for free? [SEO]?

You can either:

  1. Get a free cpanel hosting, and use its free site builder to create your own (simple, modest-looking site)
  2. On free hosting install Wordpress and activate one of the built-in themes. You will need a few weeks to learn about installing and managing it.
  3. Exchange goods, service or partner-up with a good web developer, if you can offer something one should be interested in.

Both options 1 and 2, are not the prettiest, nore the most reliable and SEO-friendly solution. These are justbthe best you can get for free.

A good website, that would present you well, attract Google, and last for several years without additional investment, costs about $1000. In some cases, maybe $500.

It is much more advisable to invest in advertising wsuch website, then option 1 or 2, as pro-made one is much more flexible to upgrading. Switching from 1 or 2 to pro site, might cost you some Google ranking that you already earned.

Payed site advertising is a must these days, for a business site, so I guess getting a free site will just delay your success.

More than a few times, I heard that in most of lines of work, if you cannot invest enough to support your business for 2 years, better wait until you can…