How do I install a Python linter?

I have Windows7 x64 and Python 3.6, and the latest Atom installed.

Through Atom Packages, I installed Base Linter and the dependencies it asked for.

Then also through Atom I installed Linter pycodestyle.

I get this error:

  1. Are these two packages all I need, or do you also need to do something like what is below?
At the pycodestyle package page on Atom I see a few command lines, pip install and apm install.
Are they the same as installing the packages through Atom? Do I need them?
In any case, I pip install pycodestyle, but not apm because I don’t know how to do that. What am I missing? A few months ago I remember having tried to get some PEP8 thing going on on Atom and also ran into this issue.

pip is Python’s package manager. apm is Atom’s package manager. They work very similarly to one another, especially if you’re just installing. If you have installed a package through Atom, you don’t need to use apm.
What happens when you enter pycodestyle --version into the command line?

it returns “2.4.0”.
Oh, I entered where pycodestyle and found the .exe.

I put that directory into this settings field, and it worked, I think. I have no idea you had to manually put the directory.

The documentation doesn’t suggest that it’s mandatory, but I guess something’s getting in the way of the package invoking pycodestyle with that command.