How can non-developers apply for their own twitter api keys for use in apps that take advantage of the twitter api?

Hello. Most likely this is not the best place to be asking this but I am very confused about where to turn and would love to speak to someone from twitter directly if possible to get a straight answer. Two years ago I applied for a basic developer api account and back then it was so simple that I only needed to provide my phone number for verification and I immediately received my twitter api keys (consumer key, consumer secret, access token, access secret) the very same day I applied. I built a simple app that will monitor any twitter users status updates and when a new tweet is found, you will receive an alert with the text of the new tweet via different channels such as email, text msg, or even to other social media accounts and chat apps. I’ve been running this this app daily for the past two years and has really helped me to keep up to date with a number of twitter accounts that I wish to follow.
Now, the plan is to release this free app publicly but it is completely stalled because none of my beta testers have been able to get their own api keys to plug into the app. Applications were submitted for api keys over a month ago and there has been no response. This has been most frustrating because the app works wonderfully but requires each end-user to apply for their own api keys due to rate limitations. It seems as if there is no way for some of these non-developer users to get api keys just to use this app and I am unsure of what the solution is. I took a look at the new application process and there are a number of technical questions being asked about what a person plans to use the api keys for etc. I originally thought that I could provide a standard set of answers to these questions that end-users of my app can simply copy/paste from a set of instructions that I provide. But if it takes many months for a response then I feel that most end-users will not bother waiting for such a long time just to use a simple app. Surely, there must be a better way?
It is unclear to me how twitter would like this process to work in a situation like this. I have thought about this a lot and I am potentially thinking that maybe in this situation that twitter would rather that I apply for a single dev license for the app itself that can be hardcoded into the app so that end-users don’t even need to go through the trouble of applying to become a twitter developer when all they want to do is use this app. That would actually be the best scenario for me as well as it would simplify the end-user experience and the app would “just work” out-of-the-box. The app only needs basic functionality (GET statuses/user_timeline is the only api endpoint that is needed) and since there is no way to really profit from such a simple app, I do not think I want or need some kind of paid premium license since I’ve been using my free api keys for two years and they still work great to this day.
Can anyone shed some light on this type of situation? The app is still in private beta status until this problem can be resolved. I do not have a website developed for the app yet since it is unclear if I can ever overcome this giant obstacle. Two years ago this would not have been a problem as anyone could easily apply for api keys.
Please help! Thanks in advance.

This is not acceptable under the developer policy:

Do not do any of the following:
  1. Use a single application API key for multiple use cases or multiple application API keys for the same use case.
You must also not attempt to circumvent rate limits via this method (this is also stipulated in the policy). Your application should be a single installation with one consumer key and token, and implement Sign-in with Twitter to enable multiple users to access the functionality. If this results in rate limits being hit, for example for posting Tweets, then you can apply for additional access via the process described here: If you need additional support then I’d suggest using the API Policy support form at

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