How can I view the questions that are closed on Stack Overflow?

There is no limitation to view closed questions for any user on Stack Overflow.

No matter what, you can always view them.

But this is not the same for “deleted” questions. You can only view them on moderation tools after you reach 10k reputation on Stack Overflow.

Viewing deleted posts

You now have privileged access to posts that have been removed, either by their authors, by users with access to moderator tools, by moderators, or by the system.

Use this privilege wisely:

  • Make sure what is being deleted should have been deleted, and bring unnecessary or harmful deletions to the attention of the community and/or moderator team.
  • Watch for signs of abuse being obscured by deletion.
  • Don't abuse this privilege to stir up trouble when someone has wisely decided to remove a problematic post.

You also have a new search operator available to find your own deleted posts: deleted:1.

Also you can check How do you view deleted questions? on Meta. As an adition, there is a web site called Stack Printer which you can print deleted questions. See Deleted - StackPrinter

A2A, thanks.