How can I trigger notifications for my fans?

Hi. I developed a Twitter App to notify my fans about the start and end of my daily work sessions (#SubtileosJamSessions).

Each session is a thread.
To notify about the start of the session I’m sending a Retweet with comment of the session thread to each fan with a mention in the comment status.

To notify about the end of the session I’m sending a comment for each Retweet with comment previously sent upon the start of the session.
Sadly though my fans are not being notified.

What’s the best way of improving the system so that the notifications can be triggered?

To notify about the start of the session I’m sending a Retweet with comment of the session thread to each fan with a mention in the comment status.
I think this may be too many duplicate tweets. Notifications depend on the end user, and there is no way for you to do anything to guarantee that a user will receive a notification - people can turn them on or off on their own devices. There is no API way to do this, but you can encourage people to enable the “bell” notifications for every tweet when they follow you - there is no way to require a follower to enable notifications for your account, and also no way to disable it on your end - that’s entirely a user choice - where they will receive a notification for every single one of your tweets.

I understand all that.

It was test. It was working when I was grouping the fans for the notifications and I was doing that notification manually.

So I scaled things from 9 Retweet with comment notifications to 90.
My aim is to use automation to be able to scale.

So what is the best way to scale it?
Send DMs?

Do the notifications as plain comments instead?
My fans want to be notified.

I don’t think it’ll scale well. the automation rule / anti spam measures will likely remove or silence your account for posting the same or similar tweets to many people in a short period of time.
DMs are also not ideal for this.
For fans that want regular notifications, the best way is for them to enable the “bell” notifications for your account to get alerts for each tweet. Or even better, you might want to make a separate account for these detailed notifications - that way, fans can follow and get notifications for the separate account, and other people that just want to follow you but not get notifications can also do so.

Thanks for the conversation Igor.

I don’t want to use a separate account.

I guess Twitter is not the place to do what I want to do.

I need to find a different platform.

Sounds like Twitch might be good for jam sessions? you could tweet whenever you go live!

My Jam Sessions are pure text.

Sorry, not pure text. There are images and sound files attached as well.

A report of activity about the creative process in real time.

I don’t intend to broadcast video.
Just an explanation of one of the reasons why my fans want to be notified:

Twitter desktop doesn’t have a bell notification mechanism.
Then the sessions are not scheduled.

I do them when I feel like.
Also my fans did the opt-in for the notifications.
So if I want to notify, they want to be notified why on earth Twitter doesn’t make it happen?
I can’t understand.

It seems that DMs can be a good way of doing it?
In ( C. Automated Direct Messages) we have:
“After a user-initiated interaction ends, don’t send additional follow-up Direct Messages or mention users in a Tweet unless you get permission from the user.”
So I have the permission from my fans.
Can I send the Direct Messages then?

It really depends on how you implement it - and what kinds of messages you’re planning on sending.
I still think you’ll get caught in spam filters - DMs work best when someone reaches out to you first, and then you respond - not the other way around. Even if they expect you to, if you reach out first to several people with the same message it’ll look like spam.

Yeah. No chance of this to work if they need to ask for the notification every time I have a session.

I was writing here but decided to delete it.

I guess there is no purpose in losing more time with this.

The solution I see from this conversation is:

Notifications are not allowed in Twitter. Period.

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