Homeworld:Street Fighter

So a little change of pace. I’ve even chewing on an idea for a 1v1 game mode that could spice things up a little.
so Imagine a shoebox, or matchbox size map. Something like 10k or smaller. MS/FSes start nose to nose.
RU injections, no Research.
Ready?.. FIGHT
I haven’t put a lot of thought into this. Like the fact that the HW2 races have to build modules, and the HW1 races having double production (no carriers in this mode to start) But I bet it would still be pretty intense with the type of fights that would progress.
build an Ion frigate. HADOUKEN!

There is only on problem… As a HW1 use one build line to build ships to counter the enemy while the other starts building a HC from the start (since no research). HW2 does not have an answer.

Like I said, I haven’t given much thought to HW1 vs HW2. May just have to leave the HW2 guys as spectators.

Maybe give the HW2 player shipyard instead? Perhaps with facilities already built? Since they’re already nose to nose the movement speed won’t be a big thing.