I think Victor is going to tear Phyllis down like Jack. Seeming like he is on her side, then build her up and take it out from under her. He has been being so suportive even though she screwed with his business. I think he made sure Nick and Sharon were on the jet together. Also, why would nick and sharon be on a jet together for no story line for no eason JMO

Sounds good to me!

Quote Rahitya: Sounds good to me!
off topic, but what nice eyes you have, NY! :smiley:

i’m not sure that victor is going to turn on phyllis. i seem to recall that when nick turned victor into the feds, phyllis was one of the only people to stick by him, along with michael. i don’t think that victor forgets that type of loyalty. i think he wanted nick out of the way for some reason while he made his move on jack. and i think that sharon going on the plane was unrelated.