Help with teams set up

Just started playinganout 2 weeks ago.

Thanh you all for sharing your exp. With us .

Q: can’t figure out how to activate the 5 teams slots in the heros roster.


Hi! Welcome to the game!

Do you mean team slots that appear when you press an “Edit team” button?

Thank you. Exactly.

Don’t have any great heros yet, but Freda just pop out on my one paid hight hero.


You don’t need to activate them. Once you pressed “Edit team” button, you can choose one of the 5 available by swiping left or right on hero slots. Blue dot on the top of the screen shows a selected team. You also can rename you teams for your convenience. Tap and hold “Team 1” title to activate title editor.

Worked great i. Have set up 6 teams,most will not do much in a war but as time goes on, i will make them decent,good,very good .

Thanks again.

This isn’t answer but this can be very helpfull

When you lock this little padlock in left corner by click, you can’t eat locked hero without unlock padlock.

This can save your heroes from accidential eating.

Be happy with game :slight_smile:

Thanks.found that advice already.been ready the forum A lot .found some very good advices.but i guess a 2 weeks old player is still learning the ropes.

Been having lot of fun,playing and reading.