Github Integration Cloning

I just started using Atom and I noticed it has built-in Github integration. What I’m failing to figure out is how to Clone a project already on my Github. The website says it can all be done from the text editor but I cant find any option in the Github pane to clone (GitHub preview pane is blank in Atom for me). I’ve searched online for this but every stack overflow I found was related to previous versions of Atom without the GitHub integration prepackaged with it. My question is, can you clone a repository using only a fresh install of Atom or is another package required to do this still. Most posts suggested the package Github Plus but this seems to be a feature complete package and I’d rather use the built-in functionality.

Neither the built-in github package or git-plus seem to offer that function as far as I can see. Where on the web site do you see about cloning packages?

It’s not in the UI but cloning is available from the command palette:

There’s a GitHub: Clone function there.

Menu: Packages->Command Palette-> Toggle