Get reason of rejection of promoted tweet

after a promoted tweet is created using lineitem and tweet id

some time every things look fine until

We check the

approval_status and find its

question is how to find out whats the reasons of rejection of the promoted tweet via ads api so we may fix and re submit the campaign?

Hi @Jemisha! Maybe read the Twitter Ads policy and try to figure out the reason?.. If not, please post here some examples of rejected ads and the corresponding tweets (their metadata) so we can help you.
Thank you.

@Jemisha: We do not expose information around why you would see a REJECTED status.

thanks for update

as we want to fix the promoted tweet rejection problem we would like to automat and fix the problem in the tweet please add this feature in comming version as a right on the information

Advertisers can click on “Help?” in the top right of and select:

Ads Eligibility & Policy → Why was my tweet rejected for policy?

still !

instead of going to manual processes

we need to to automate

This link (About eligibility for Twitter Ads ) should give you a solid overview as to the reasons why you mightn’t have been approved. Although, I would expect Twitter to provide you with a specific reason through email if the rejected your application.