Flag unclosed Tag

I’ve been dealing with some divs which I have a bunch of them and and I tend to get lost so I nee dto konw if there is an option whch “flags” or highlights unclosed html tags.
Currently it does highlight the closing ones so for exapmle

And let’s say that the second one is not correct so, I need to know if that is possible.
Does the question make sense?

If you have enough div tags that it’s confusing, you probably have way too many of them. I don’t know of any package that can do what you’re asking for, but a better solution would be for you to go through your code and rewrite it so that it is both semantic and indented so that you can tell at a glance which tags go together. You can use Atom to make the second part very easy on you: select all of your code, and go to Edit -> Lines -> Auto Indent. That will automatically indent your code in a way that makes sense for the language, and if you see anything weird, there’s a solid chance that it’s because you forgot to close one of those divs when you needed to.

I also lost myself in all those divs :slight_smile: and for now this online unclosed tag finder help me a lot and most importantly save me a loooot of time.

I’m still waiting for ATOM plugin that will do similar work!