Event Calendar May 18th - 24th

grypo tower is good. but other than that, gonna be a slow week for me. would be nice if Ludia changed up some of the events.

Are those Jurassic park or lost world incubators?

that one lad

Same for me as well @Henith

Welp that’s disappointing, for me it meh I mean fo sure that rex gen2 is gonna help my tento but I hopped the incs were JP cause I’m all out of dilophosaurus gen2 bunt hey we have rex also this week meaning more pops for tryko and that’s never a bad thing.

Yeah besides the Grypo inc on Friday I will always take Trex dna for Tryko… other than that a light week for me

Nothing I need but not a bad week for newer players.

Shouldn’t we have 9 attempts on the Epics not 6.

Hopefully it’s a typo

RexG2 for my Tenontorex, fisher scent it seems (good for my spyx), attack boost since we’re not on lockdown I’ll surely get it, unless it spawns nowhere. Grypho inc, I’m hoping for DNA I can use out of it.

This should get me Indoraptor if I can get all the stuff this week so I’m actually pretty pumped because Then I’d have both indos and I’d get my first unique.

Both Rex are welcome for me. Leveling up my epic rex. Should hopefully get it to 24 if I dart well. The rare Rex will help Indominus g2.

Finally. I need that trike DNA. Good week

Trike, Rexy, Rexy for me.

The Rexy G2 is specifically good since I want to keep working on Tyrannolo and IRG2.

And going Gold Rexy over Pachy because levelling it alongside working on Indom means you never have enough.

Pachy is probably the best option for epic as it is exclusive. Typically that is what I go for. However I have a lot saved up right now because I don’t use the Cenozoic hybrids. I took turtle cat to 22 and have been saving since.

What are the prizes

Finally a decent week

And grypo tower as long as spawns near me i would say this is one of the best weeks we have had in a long time

@Riddhima can you let us know if this weekends attempts should be 9 attempts instead of the 6 that is says in the calander? Thx

@Riddhima any info?