Error, cannot load the system dictionnary

Hi Guys,
Since the last version of Atom, I receve this message when I’m starting atom :
“Cannot load the system dictionary for en_US. Checked the following paths for dictionary files:

C:\Users\Nicolas Missiaen\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.26.1\resources\app.asar.unpacked\node_modules\spellchecker\vendor\hunspell_dictionaries”
If you have an idea ?
Thanks !


Similar problem here.
/System/Library/ does not have a folder named Spelling.

/Applications/…/app.asar/ is not a folder.

Could this be a bug?

Looks like this issue?

I don’t find any solution in this topic

That’s why it’s still open.

Same problem here

Atom 1.26.1 x64 on Debian buster/sid kernel 4.15.0-3-amd64

Hi All,

Try to install/add the language pack mentioned on the error to your os (LP related to the screenshot zh_CN is Chinese (PRC))