Eggs and Bacon yum - Successful, laid back alliance growing stronger - 1600 cups, 9*-10* titans - 26/30


Eggs and Bacon yum is looking for a few active players to help us take our alliance to the next level. We are a strong group currently hitting 9*-10* titans and winning most of our wars.
Required: daily titan hits, opt out of war if unavailable, communicate in chat

Suggested: discord app for strategy, tips, and entertainment


What a fantastic alliance name! :star_struck:.

GL with recruiting :smile:

Thanks Sarah! We have have players from all around the globe, so it’s been interesting learning in our discord chats about the different kinds of international breakfast foods. For example, did you know they have square sausage in Scotland? :laughing:

Ahhhh… But is a sausage still a sausage if its now square? :thinking:.
Slight diversion and I’m still hoping you get lots of international interest. Tagging forum friends and foodies from different corners of the globe who could add to this discussion.

@Rithin @Saloni @Eshaan @Sanam

haha thanks for the tag @Shlokh !
indeed, nice alliance name and logo @Poshitha ! good luck with recruiting!
if you have any Filipinos you’ve probably already seen something like this… (Philippine pork sausages, cured beef, papaya salad)

my Dutch boyfriend is always amazed, because to him breakfast is this… (yes those are chocolate sprinkles…)

I think I feel a sister alliance in the making. Will call it Philippine pork sausage yum.

We’ve picked up a couple great players, but still a few spots left. Come one, come all, ye fellow lovers of all things EnP and breakfast.

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