Droidbot Pet in the Store for $50

Is this new? Looks like the only way to obtain this, disgustingly expensive.

Wow very expensive for an exclusive cosmetic pet

I just hope for 50$ they also give you a new android phone :stuck_out_tongue:

I think all the cards they are selling for $50 are too expensive.

Everything they sell is too expensive,

The only thing i am willing to buy is the elite key bundle 5$ instead of the ridiculous 20$

This is literally an idiot test

Next week Emojis. $700 value for only $50. Bargain!

If they’re going to sell a pet, they might as well give it a 50% permanent Gold Boost bonus instead of just being cosmetic…

No, it’s not new. The offer have been up a couple of times, it’s coming and going; or may be permanent (like the avatar packs etc), I don’t open the offer page that often to check.

I think I’ve first seen it like 2 months ago.

I think they are justifying it with the fact that they give you 8 vip keys. Those are “worth” 5 bucks each, so you are basically paying 10$ for a fully maxed pet.

I think they are on the right track with those small purchases for 5$ they added.

And for this cosmetic only stuff, might be better to make new hero armors, portraits, titles… Something that would be easily seen by everybody else.

If someone is buying cosmetic only items, they probably don’t want to put them on a shelf somewhere.