Does anyone know about a package that let you specify list of external tools along with the path name and then launch them on demand?

Couldn’t find any, but my google-fu is pretty weak. Maybe someone know of such package or are developing one?

What kind of tools? process-palette works wonders, but only for software with CLI access.

Basically I want to execute any kind of exe I put there, gui or not.

If you have an executable file, you can run it with process-palette. If it’s something buried in another program, Atom can’t touch that.

Nope, doesn’t work. What I need to do is to run a cmd,exe instance, however no matter what I try, the cmd window doesn’t appear and instead it is redirected to the process-palette’s panel.

I assume your shell command in the process-palette config is just cmd.exe?. Try changing it to start C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe. Just start cmd.exe might also work, but I don’t use Windows, so unfortunately I cannot verify that.