Do I have an approved developer account? Not certain

I applied for a developer account several days ago, and after verifying my email address I was taken to a “welcome” page that made it seem like my account was already approved. I am able to create apps and generate auth tokens, set up dev environments, etc, but when I try to use them and make API calls I seem to get rejected? I haven’t received any emails that my account has been approved or rejected, I don’t see a “pending” status anywhere, but just wondering if I have to wait for an official email confirmation before I would be able to access the API?
In case it’s relevant, I’m only applying for personal projects to use the API with my personal twitter account so I can post to my own account through a python script. Part of this is also for teaching purposes, so I hopefully can get this sorted out within the next week…

what API calls get rejected? and what is the error code from twitter? It could be working, but have an unrelated issue with OAuth or something.

I’m trying a few things. First, I’m trying to use the Python Tweepy library and follow this basic tutorial here: Trying to just call verify_credentials().
That’s giving me an error saying the connection is being refused. Same thing with every other python library I’m using, but I’d prefer to use that one.
I’m also trying to query the api through Postman and try to post a status update through this api call:
Thanks for your help!

Oh and when I do the postman thing, I basically get sent to Twitter’s 404 “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” page

That’s strange - what’s your OS? can you try with -t?
twurl -t “/1.1/account/verify_credentials.json”
Connection refused comes up sometimes when a firewall is blocking twitter connections.

Twurl seems to work! I see a lot of json when I try to verify credentials and I can query for the timeline and I see what looks like json from people I follow. Not sure why it’s not working python… but I’ll investigate further on my own. Thanks!

Figured out the python issue. As it turns out, most twitter libraries are broken now in python 2.7 because no one is updating them to keep up with recent API changes twitter is making. So switching to python 3 did the trick. End of an era, I guess!

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