Disappear command pallete when click on scrollbar line

I press ctrl-shift-p and ATOM is showed list of command-pallete. I can input keyword for seacrh commands. When i click on scroll bar (vertical line) for scroll down or up then command-pallete is hidden.
I can move list with button up or down only

Looks like this the same thing was reported a long time ago but fixed:

I can reproduce with 1.26.1 on macOS 10.12.6 - would you mind creating an issue in issue for this in https://github.com/atom/atom?

ok… I have did it… Is it look correctly?

I started use this service recently

Great thanks a lot - can you update that issue (and the other issues you opened) to use the issue template? The issue template is really helpful for us when triaging issues.

ok… need a time… I have some difficulties with the translation of manual

No problem, looks like you saw my update to https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/17245 and used that to edit your other issues, thanks so much for doing that :bow: