Developer Application Rejection

Hi, I applied to the Twitter Developer Program in August and, for some reason I was rejected. I dont believe that my intended utilization of Twitter was against the rules as I understand them. I would really like to move forward on this project utilizing Twitter. Could someone help me out with the content of my application? I think perhaps I didnt describe it in the way that Twitter is used to receiving it in? Has anyone had this issue before where they are rejected and, then made some necessary presentations or adjustments to the application to become approved?

Here is the content of my last message to Twitter. Does anyone see why I might have been rejected?
Thank you for getting back to me. My app, at least the current one I have in mind that lead me to sign up for your developer API is, purely a data-scanner for Machine Learning and NLP related feeds and individual posts. So, I never plan to tweet, retweet, or like anything at least from the scanner itself.
My responses are in blue inline with your questions.

  • The core use case, intent, or business purpose for your use of the Twitter APIs. * Its just to capture ML industry/knowledge-domain/community related tweets and events. It is a software component in supporting a Deep-Dive/Landscape Analysis into the current state-of-the-art of ML.
  • If you intend to analyze Tweets, Twitter users, or their content, share details about the analyses you plan to conduct, and the methods or techniques. * I need to extract unknown nouns or named-entities as new concepts are published and tweeted about. So, to that end, I will likely use a Part-of-Speech chunking/tagging engine. Then verify that any noun phrases are Statistically-Improbable-Phrases, weighted perhaps by frequency of the phrase used in the tweet or related tweets – that will drive the identification of new ML related concepts to add to my Knowledge Model.
  • If your use involves Tweeting, Retweeting, or liking content, share how you’ll interact with Twitter accounts, or their content. * I don’t plan on doing this in any way whatsoever.
  • If you’ll display Twitter content off of Twitter, explain how, and where, Tweets and Twitter content will be displayed with your product or service, including whether Tweets and Twitter content will be displayed at row level, or aggregated. * Im not sure yet on the best internal representation — weather its JSON in Elastic, stored in an RDBMS, or maintained in some kind of fragmented graph as loose individual files. Then, the generated signals from the stored data are used to both indicate and list a completed topic model as well as to drive future twitter searches in the space.
Thank you very much for your time and for considering my application to your developer program, I really appreciate it. -Brian Abbott

All of our developer applications are reviewed to ensure compliance with Twitter policy. While we can’t comment on specific cases, applications may be rejected if they are found to be in violation of any section of the Developer Agreement and Policy, Automation Rules, Display Requirements, and/or the Twitter Rules.
Additional information on restricted uses of Twitter APIs is available here.
There currently isn’t a way to edit a rejected application, or to re-apply, however stay informed for product updates/changes.
There are several existing topics on the matter. I’m going to close this one as it is a duplicate.