Cross save problem

why does it work for bl2,but not this one?

Not really sure what you are talking about? Cross save function is for BL2 & TPS saves from PS3 > PS4 & X360 > X1 respectively.

They might be referring to the fact that Borderlands 2 was recently updated to allow the Cloud Save uploads but as of yet, there’s no option for TPS. I just noticed this myself and wondered whey they weren’t both updated to allow this.
edit: Is there and ETA on when this will be added?
edit2: Apparently the update will go live on Monday the 23rd.

^ This. Sorry I couldn’t coherently relay my message I was on a phone, but anyways I was wondering if I was the only one who couldn’t cross save with BL:TPS. I wasn’t aware they updated one and not the other thank you.

Thanks for that link. Lots of good info there.

The cross save is not working for me I’ve been trying to do it since the game came out I don’t understand why I’ve played on my PS3 and trying to move it to my ps4

I’m having the same issue. Plus I gearbox won’t let me sign in on my ps4. Very frustrating