Commerial use

Can i use cayenne application for my home automation service for due time prior to creating my own application?

I’am an entrepreneur and i would like to sell home automation project using cayenne application.

Please revert back to me!

cayenne is free and you can use it for your home automation service. You can use it for selling, but you have handle the process of adding new user, and other aspects.

Yes sir, I’ll be adding new users to the application.

So I can use cayenne application for my home automation service and distribute the application to my customers until I create my own app?
Thank you sir.

If your project is Lora technology based, you should submit your hardware to so that the end customer can integrate directly using cayenne platform.

Sir I’m using wemos D1 mini

It’s just a simple project which I’m giving to my customers
So is it fine?

PM me your project info.

Hello sir, I spoke to you previously regarding commerical use of the App
I just want to confirm it once, whether it is okay to sell this app to my customers included in my Home automation service???

For commerical project it best to go for sister product that is tailored for commercial & enterprise deployment

Sir i have my sensors which i want to connect through your app

So, i just want to distribute your app to my customers for my sensors to work
Please reply sir


Cayenne is for prototyping and not the best for commercial.

But sir last year you said that i can distribute it to my customers??

I’ll be just using cayenne app

And nothing else
Asking you this because earlier you’ve told me that I can distribute the app to my customers

but now we have something that is particular made for commercial use. Also i am not sure how you are going to disturb your project using cayenne. If it is just one or two users then it is doable but something on a bigger scale is practically not possible.

No sir not in bigger scale

We’re just doing it in our frnds circle

Probably 4-5 houses that’s it
I’m connection ESP8266 board like NodeMcu to the app and controlling it’s pins High/Low along with a Relay module to turn on/off the Appliances through their swtich board connections
So sir please advice me

if you are doing for friends then you can do it. I hope you are aware of that the cayenne app is no longer supported and available.

Sir is there anyway I can talk to you regarding the same?
I want to give away the app to my customers as a part of home automation service
In simple, we started home automation service which requires your app as an interface for my sensors to work

yes, you can private message me.