Coin Sale Refrences

I know the current coin sale isn’t for me since I’m waiting for one that uses hardcash. But I couldn’t help but notice the refrences in the title to The Man with No Name trilogy. Maybe it’s already well known, but I know I never noticed until now :sweat_smile:. Edit, changed the posters to remove any traces of smoking. Didn’t know that was bad. Also makes it seem like he has a big open mouth now :joy:.


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Good catch :+1:

Too bad their “deal” isn’t. It’s sad they do clever stupid things like this instead of giving a coin sale.

FYI, their Coin “Sale” is not as good as when they have a hard cash sale which is used to buy coins. Though that is not a particularly good value either.
And when I say “not a particularly good value” I mean “what a waste of real money, what were you thinking?”

Spotted that straight off but then I remember the STTNG episode A Fistful of Datas …
I think we have a movie buff at Ludia …

“I’ll be bac(on)”

And the coin sale offered a better rate than the standard ones … someone else did the maths but it was about 44%+ IIRC

I guess someone flagged this. Maybe the guns? If so, that sucks. Maybe it was the images, must be intellectual property

Funny because Ludia made the references anyway.

…Why was this flagged?

Ah, it seems it was because it showed him smoking in the posters. Weird, but ok

Note to self, don’t post any pics of Samuel l Jackson chain smoking from JP