Citizens consistently going to sleep permanently?

It happens randomly. I’ve messed with many different debug commands and nothing seems to pull them out of sleep. The only thing that has “worked” is to destroy them, which defeats waking them anyway. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a workaround for now that someone can suggest? I’ve loved this game for a while now and would like to keep playing…

Sopor fratrem mortis est: sleep is the brother of death!

This unfortunately game breaking for me… I keep starting a new game only to lose citizens I need early on.


Do they keep sleeping after saving and loading? If so, please upload the save.
Also are your citizens hurt? If so they might be resting because their health is low and they are waiting for the herbalist to heal them.



No they were not hurt. They did always seem to be hungry when they got

stuck like that. Also it only seems to happen on the mean bed.

Okay please upload a save and I will take a look.



If they are so hungry they start starving they lose health. Maybe they stay in bed to heal that up while starvation keeps them down?