Character Bazaar filter

It would be nice to have a filter in the char bazaar, an inline list that can work as tags (separated by comma) to filter by skills. Like: Amarr Carrier 5, Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration 5, Fighters 4, Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems 5… etc
This should probably be the minimum so if I search for Minmatar Dreadnought 4, those with level 5 could be included too.
Very possible with the appropriate restrictions, searching through the initial char that posted as well the non-locked threads.
Other options could be standings. I’m going nuts searching for a toon with good standings for a certain faction and that is not sold already.

Most people who post their characters for sale in the Bazaar use Chribba’s (API-linked) to show their skills. And as you can see here, has a “Characters for Sale” section, and that section has an Advanced Search feature where you can add skills and filter by a set of skills that you specify.
Basically, this feature already exists, thanks to @Shashanka , who is pretty much a genius.
Also, this feature isn’t something that CCP could implement, given that the Character Bazaar is just a forum, and as a chat forum it doesn’t even have any functionality related to characters or their skills. So, had Chribba not implemented this already, you’d NEVER see it, not from CCP.

Thanks, I’ll try Chribba’s eveboard search feature.
re: forum, they can be modified… I woundn’t see an issue here. Unless legacy code…