Can't use atom_runner_master or atom_script_master

i’m a windows 7 user, i don’t have Internet in my pc , so i downloaded atom_runner_master and atom_script_master manually with my phone than sent them to the pc, and extracted theme to c:\users\PC.atom\packages

the problem is when i want to run a programe using the script package an error pops up: "cannot find module ‘uuid’ "

and with using atom_runner an error pops up: "cannot find module ‘atom-space-pen-views’ "

anyone can help pls ?

Atom packages have numerous dependencies, so you’ll need to install them on the computer with an internet connection.

thx Aerijo for replying,

i have another problem too, when i click the “install” button in the settings, an error pops up so i can’t install packages from atom directly , i took a picture of it.

Unless you make that screenshot available to us, there’s not much we can do to help you.

It’s possible that Atom didn’t install properly. I would try reinstalling it. Since all of your settings are stored in the .atom/ folder, you will not lose anything.

i’v done that before but no good, guess i have a problem in my pc

What happens when you go to the GitHub releases page and download or (as of right now, you should download version 1.26.0), then unzip the contents to a folder, and open the executable inside?