Can't log on SISI

I’m having issues with my accounts. I cant log on to SISI, it keeps pestering me about 2PA which I haven’t had since few months and seems to think I still have my old password which I changed a few months back as well.

There have been quite a few mirrors taken of Tranq since I’ve done the changes but none seem to get over to SISI and ofc I can’t make a ticket to have a GM check it for me.
Any way for me to have this fixed so I can use SISI.

Try using your old password. If that still doesn’t work, then you’ll have to wait for login credentials to get updated.

yep this problem is really a pest. having the same problem. and GM’s don’t deal with the test server.
apparently a mirror is needed to solve this problem.

Tried old password, works, but it still thinks I have 2PA which I don’t and I believe the test server has been mirrored 3 times since I removed it and the credentials haven’t been fixxed

hello’’ i have played eve for a few years now i love it and hate it at the same time ‘lol but i’m having problems getting on the test server’’ i have been off for a few months ‘’ don’t know or remember ’ if that’s a problem ‘’ but can anyone help me get back on ’ cuz now i see Singularity (Public test server) is on line now ‘’ can anyone help’’ thank ‘’ it says ‘’ Could not auto-refresh token , please try logging out and back into the account ‘’ i did all that and nothing ‘’ thank ‘’ sincerely ’ jay immortialz .

the main problem there is no new mirror from feb :frowning: and no schedule when will be new

this is really hurting because AT is up soon.

Ok this really needs to be posted somewhere where it’s visible.
I tried logging into Singularity countless times and every time I’d get a wrong username/password error. I’ve contacted support and even sent a DM to CCP staff as instructed by support (didn’t get any response though).
It turns out that when the data is mirrored the authentication data is mirrored as well so if you change your password in the meantime you need to use the password which was valid when the mirror was performed.

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