Bows were better before

After spending time with the new bow system, i have to say that the old system just felt better, and more like bowfire. The combo system doesn’t feel congruent with archery, and the holding the draw feature was more engaging. Reverting to something more like the old system gets my vote.
There has also been a bug where arrows don’t fire correctly and the firing animation results in nothing happening until the bow is unequipped and equipped again. This has been an issue on every version of the xbox game I’ve played.
Just my 2 cents.

I remember reading something in regards to the fact the devs weren’t entirely satisfied with how the bow “feels” currently either. Seems the state bows are in now is simply temporary until they figure out a viable method of using them without making them abundantly better then melee. That’s what I feel from all this anyway.
In any case, I wouldn’t worry too much about it for the time being. Just gota endure it a little more until they have their solution.