BL2 DLC Content Not Available on Digital Version

So just like the topic says, after getting on bl2 on my digital version, i cant access: sir hammerlock’s big game hunt, tiny tina’s assault on dragon keep, or any of the headhunter packs. Is this a bug? And if its not, what can i do to fix this problem?

I have this same problem. Go to login to one of my OP8’s after 40 min of transferring files and it says I can’t go any higher than lvl 61, none of my DLC content shows up, and all my DLC gear/heads/skins have disappeared. Hope I didn’t lose all of that stuff I spent two years collecting.
Basically all it’s indicating I have is the vanilla game plus the first UVHM lvl upgrade pack. That’s it.
GBX - please HELP!!

Any updates for you guys? I have exactly the same problem. Really annoying as looking forward to the DLC content as much as the base game?

Yes, it seems that if you get the digital game, the initial download is just the core games and dlc characters. While the dlc campaigns download and install in the background of the game.

So you didn’t do anything to get them to download? 24 hours later and I still can’t access them.