Battleborn Multiplayer Difficulty Tiers

Hi Gearbox,
As an avid fan of BB I would really love it if they started buffing characters rather than nerf them so more characters can be competitive in the meta and the games will become much faster! I suspect nerfs are favored though to prevent good players from cheesing everyone else which I can totally understand. While a ranked ladder would be great, I can also understand that this can be a bit hard to get set up properly. How bout this as a compromise? Why not make an advanced mode like the single player campaign? Jack up the damage and buffs on characters and let all hell let lose. Leave the normal mode for players who prefer more balanced matches. Should be much easier and quicker to set up a ranked ladder as you would just need to copy the normal mode and adjust some stats. What do other people think: good, bad, retarded, awesome, utter meh?

This would actually be pretty hard to do to, and downright impossible to do ranked on. The game’s been carefully designed for long ttks in pvp, to hearken to mobas. To change every character to have a fast ttk while still keeping them balanced requires a long, separate analysis of each character to make sure none of them overperform. Galilea would become stupid again because she has a %damage buff, which works better with larger numbers. The mode would also be a stomp pretty much every time because a small lead in xp, which is normally a small damage boost, becomes amplified by the increased damage and it becomes way harder to recover from being a level or so behind because you’ll get beat down. Not to mention that minion healths would also probably have to be altered so that everyone isn’t Oscar Mike.

Great points. I still think it would be pretty fun though to have some kind of “high octane mode”. I just feel that at times the game is just too slow with every one running in and out with their big health bars (me included). Maybe they could just make a different multiplayer mode where everyone started at level 10? That way everyone starts at a relatively equivalent point while still being much more powerful (of course the meta would be stacked towards late game characters, but hey that would still be interesting in my opinion!)

You want urf mode :stuck_out_tongue: lol had that temporarily. Stands for ultra rapid fire - 90% reduced cd’s (or something like that), infinite mana, higher attack speed. Even that required different balancing. Like Shaco, a jungler, could place boxes that stealthed, and upon enemy entering aoe, feared (like stun, but enemy runs very slowly in a random direction), then shot them with lasers.

This has to be balanced because normally, with the 15ish second cd, and the 1 min lifespan, you couldn’t spam em. But with urf, you could literally 1 shot by placing a ton. So they limited it to… I think five? And they have 125 characters (I quit over a year ago, so I’m guesstimating a lot). That’s a lot of balance. And that’s for a slower paced game. This game is already Mobas: High Octane :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides the “buff rather than nerf” (and only for a few characters really), everything else sounds pretty terrible. “Advanced” story missions feature stronger enemies, and that’s it. Your “Advanced” game mode sound like CoD, and would be flat out broken.
If that’s what you’re interested in, I will point you in the direction of Overwatch.
Now, based on the scale you have provided, I rank your idea as…


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