Automatically approve some follower requests


we work on a new project using twitter API to authorize clients to access tweets on some Twitter accounts but we currently encounter an issue to automate some processes.
We would like to be able to approve some follower requests using the Twitter API but it seems that we cannot do it easily.
We defined a twitter app and tried to call this endpoint :

but we’ve received : {“errors”:[{“code”:37,“message”:" Not authorized to use this endpoint ."}]} - HTTP Code : 403
Is there any way to be authorized to use this endpoint to automate this process ?

(it will be really painful if we have to do that manually)
Many thanks in advance for your help.

I’m not totally sure but i think this error happens when your app is Read Only, you will have to change the permissions to Read & Write and regenerate the access token. (Also, make sure that the access token you’re using to sign that call belongs to the right user, sometimes they can get mixed up - the first part before the - in an access token is the user id)

There’s no external API for approving follow requests, and the endpoint you refer to is not one documented on the developer website.
If you’d like to suggest that this is something that we should build in the future, you’re welcome to use for consideration to this be added under the Labs program as we develop it.

Thanks for your reply.

That’s a bad news to me :frowning:

I added this suggestion on

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