Atom Not Responding in Windows

I need to know if any Atom Windows users do have an issue at the start of the application where a popup occurs saying “Editor is not responding”.
I get this popup every time in my 2 PCs (32bit and 64bit).

This happens whenever a window stops answering Windows, usually because it’s thinking really hard about what it needs to do. When you click Keep Waiting, Atom eventually loads?

yup, it loads in 5 to 10 seconds. This started happening in few updates earlier. My 64bit PC is highend and still this occurs. Is this common?

Since Atom is built on JavaScript, part of the code is asynchronous and will run in the background, but a lot of it is synchronous and needs to happen before the editor can move on. There’s work ongoing to engineer new ways of loading packages and performing routine tasks to circumvent this weakness of the software, but at the moment it’s a natural symptom of how big Atom is and how much it’s trying to do being shoehorned into a glorified web app.

Atom is Chrome-based, right? Valve’s Steam client, also Chrome-based, has been having issues since a recent Windows 10 update, being partially unresponsive.

It’s possible, and it’s possible that it’s not coincidence. Atom is based on Chrome, and there are certain similarities between Steam’s modified CEF and Atom’s Electron, but without knowing the internal details of how Valve has tweaked the display engine, I can’t say whether or not they’re suffering the same issue.