Are there situations where thinking emotionally is more effective than thinking logically?

Do you mean behaving based on your emotions, as opposed to behaving based on logical thinking? We feel emotions, and what we feel can have an effect on our thinking, which in turn effects what we do.

There will be situations where knowing and understanding the emotional state of another can be used effectively.

There are times when you should “use” emotion, but that requires a logical pre-thought to know when or when not to do it and how much.

Thinking emotionally is stupid in any situation. Akin to a child.

Logic is an inferior way to think always. There are some things the human eye cannot see. We do not see tigers in our neighborhoods, but we know they exist because of zoos. Without the evidence of a tiger we would never believe such a creature existed. To only believe what humans can see or prove is how one think logically and it has been proven time and time again humans logic is limited. To think logically as a human is to cut off the realm of possibility and that is illogical.