Are there any Caldari drone ships?

any ones below battlecruiser size that can carry a flight of med drones?

Gila :]

that one is half gallente

and so expensive

Caldari aren’t really known for their excellence in drones. That’s rally a Gallente trait.

should i make a CCPlease?

Sure, if you like disappointment…

ok i will take that as a no

The gila will make its value back in 2-4 hour’s if its fully skilled through running (the right) sites with it.

What he said.

Drone capability Gallente>Amarr>minmatar>Caldari. See the place they’re in?:slight_smile:

If you want ships with drone specific bonuses, your choices are Gallente, Amarr, Guristas and Sisters of Eve. Guristas ships get the largest HP and damage bonuses for drones, but are limited on how many drones they can use at the same time. The Sisters of Eve drone bonuses are in line with the Gallente and Amarr drone bonuses.
If you want ships that can use a full set of five drones at the same time but don’t specifically need bonuses for them, the list is longer, but there are no Caldari cruisers that can run 5 medium drones at the same time. Here is a list of all ships currently in the game (excluding the Praxis since it was just released) that can use drones.

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