Ads API preview raw tweet not working


I read the Ads API v6 changes but there was no details about removing the ‘’ endpoint for previewing tweets that are not created yet by sending ‘text’ and ‘media id’.

It’s been removed from the docs also.

The response I am getting is:

“code”:“ROUTE_NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“The requested resource could not be found”
Please tell me if I am missing something.


Hi @Roopesh,
Applogize for not including it in the v6 announcement. We announced the deprecation when we introduced the new Tweet Previews endpoint back in May and we also mentioned it to each related API reference documentation pages as well.

Hi ,

Just wanna confirm that now we cannot get tweet preview without creating the actual tweet like we used to by sending the text or media to get the preview of what the tweet will look like?
Because only support three parameters i.e account_id, tweet_ids and tweet_type.
Thank you

@Roopesh Yes, that’s correct.