Add Chat to Tutorial For New Players / When Players Join an Alliance

I hoping if we generate enough chat on this that SG might help. We end up booting so many newbies because we can’t get them to discover chat and chime in. We love helping newbies but if you can reach them before they reach level 12 and join wars they’ve got to go. I can’t imagine all the alliances they get booted from because they don’t chat, SG has such great tutorials when you begin the game. I’m hoping they will add something about chat when the newbie gets to the level where they can join an alliance. If you agree please help make this a popular post

Sounds like a bunch of introverts

I’ll support a tutorial, but it would be really quick:

  1. Click here:
  1. Type messages.
(…with a quick note about the toggle button, in case they accidentally turned chat off.)

I think this should actually BE the tutorial!! Have a black cat show up and scratch an arrow to the chat bubble!!

Oh, I feel the same. So many people are just ignoring the chat.

I’m not sure if your idea would help or not, but… it sounds so easy to implement that it worth to try :slight_smile:
Also… You can put something like “Hey newbies, please look into the chat” into the alliance description :slight_smile: