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Alicia Willis (ex-Courtney) fans celebrate! Alicia is returning. . . . . . .

to television that is.

SID reports that the actress is currently filming a primetime telenovela (soap) for MyNetwork Television. The show is called “THE HEIRESS” and it’s about a wealthy pampered woman who crash lands her father’s private plane (thanks to sabotage by her jealous brother) in the Guatemalan jungle and (along with the pilot) is forced to fight to survive (all while falling in love). SID reports that there are 65 episodes in the works.
Ted Knight (Lorenzo) and Ignacio Sericchio (Diego) are

Headed out of town for good.

SID reports that Ignacio’s exit will mean the end of Diego – (he will be caught in the crossfire of the mob war) and that Ted’s exit won’t be far behind. Seems grief stricken daddy Lorenzo won’t be sticking around. However SID reports that GH won’t confirm Diego’s death. The article also reports that as for “King’s status with GH, the actor is staying put”.
Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin) re-visits GH….

But only for the SoapNet special “Luke & Laura: The Love Story revealed”. Although he was seen in LA earlier this month, he did not film any scenes for GH. When asked if a return to GH was in his future Shriner said “it sounds like a good idea”.
Jason gets a sidekick. . . .

Bradford Anderson joins the cast (first air date Nov. 14) as Spinelli a computer geek who is coerced in to helping Jason prove that Ric framed Sam.

Head-writer Bob Guza is quoted in the article as saying that “Spinelli will develop a serious crush on a major female character and it has disastrous consequences”.
Genie Francis’ (Laura) return to GH will come to an end in Mid-November. On Wednesday 11/22 the Spencer family gathers to give Laura the Christmas they know she will miss out on. Expect emotional goodbyes and Laura’s secret to be revealed.
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