A question on redeeming VIP rewards

So I have purchased BL3 Super Deluxe Edition on both PS4 and PC.
What I want to know is… will the VIP insider rewards be automatically redeemed on the first platform I log into, or will I be able to chose when and on which platform I redeem items?
The same goes for the bonus CoV gun I suppose.
This is mainly an issue as I’d rather redeem these on my PC version but given Epic(fail) can’t do preloading in 2019 I’ll be playing on PS4 first by the looks of it.
Have asked numerous times on twitter without reply so maybe a mod here can answer?

All VIP rewards for BL3 are listed on all platforms on the SHIFT website https://shift.gearboxsoftware.com/rewards so I would say you can use them on both.

I have no clue, good question though.

You can even buy it for Xbox now! :sweat_smile: