431 Error on all tweets (no matter the size)

Looks like Twitter is having a live issue with Tweets failing. I’m seeing a ton of errors and other folks trying to Tweet using the API are too
API Status shows no issue tho…

I can report the same, between 22:22 UTC and 23:43 UTC

Appears back to normal now. Though not sure what 431 (Request Header Fields Too Large) means. Not listed in expected error codes

It seems all the developers faced this issue. @Ramita support team can respond this?

We also had issues with this yesterday

Thanks for reaching out about this.
Yesterday, September 4, we learned that an irregularity affected some client app’s ability to successfully post Tweets via the standard statuses/update endpoint. This irregularity was introduced on Wednesday, September 4 at around 18:30 UTC, and was resolved on Wednesday, September 4th at 23:45 UTC.

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